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Upload Your #iamBruce Story

Tell us your story!  We want to invite you to upload your story of Abundance with us, and with others on The Road To Abundance!  Your post will be shared on our site, if appropriate, and on our Social Media.  You can upload several different formats:

  1. Take a video on your cellphone (turn it sideways).
  2. Upload your story as a .doc or .pdf
  3. Write your story in the space provided.

We can’t wait to hear and share your story of Abundant Living!  We are all on this road together, and your story WILL change someone’s life!

If you would like to see some examples, please visit our #iamBruce section and join us on Facebook.

Upload Your Story Below.

Please fill out the form below to upload your file or simply write your story in the space provided.

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