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We Started In A Garden.

Can you imagine literally walking and talking with God every day!?  Being hand made by the Creator of the universe?  God created a place, and a relationship, of Abundance in the garden of Eden.  We believe that He defined, and set the example for Abundance in the garden, and showed us the perfected example of adding value and helping others discover and live out their purpose. This is really where The Road To Abundance began!

We Are In The Wilderness.

When we were exiled from the garden, we immediately began our journey toward His promise of redemption.  And though Christ has come to earth, died on the cross, and overcome the grave, we are still in the wilderness…watching the sky in hopeful expectation of His return.  As you know, this wilderness can often seem overwhelming and dark…but it is where we have the most amazing opportunity to live out The Abundance Mentality every day!  Have you been given an opportunity today to live it out?  What did you do with it?  Did you ever see it?  If you saw it, did you act?

We End Up In His City!

Hallelujah!  We end up in His city..New Jerusalem, the NEW City of Peace, and from it’s description…it is the ultimate gift of Abundance.  We will be invited to live fully in the presence of the King of Kings, and darkness, sin, and scarcity will be no more!  Not only has an amazing place prepared for us, but there will be a tree in the middle whose leaves are for the healing of the nations!  His presence is our definition of perfect Abundance, and we hope that you will join us on this Road.

The Road Home.

The Road To Abundance was birthed out of a desire to become more like Christ in the way we live our lives. And as we started to live it out ourselves, we saw the need to create free resources meant to share, encourage, and challenge people!  We have been blessed and amazed that these  resources have become so valuable to you guys, and we commit to continue helping you learn and live out The Abundance Mentality.

We hope you are led by God when you read, watch, and listen to what God is doing in our lives…and…we hope you’ll share your stories of Abundance along the way!  If you’re ready to share now, you can upload your story here!

The Road To Abundance

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The Book

The Book.

Where it all started.  The book is for sale for only $9.99 plus shipping.  This is the best place to start, and understand what we’re all about.
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Mondays With Mick

Mondays With Mick.

This is Mick doing what he does best!  Expect to be encouraged, challenged, and called to action on The Road To Abundance.
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Abundant Conversations

Abundant Conversations.

Mick is sitting down with people who have living out The Abundance Mentality throughout their lives.  Powerful!
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This is the growing library of stories collected from the Abundance community.  Live it out and tell your story!
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Upload Your Story

Upload Your Story.

This where you upload your #iamBruce story when you’re ready to share it.  We promise it will change someone!
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Here you will find a selection of powerful devotionals that Sean leads live every morning at 8:15am.  You can also join the call!
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The Abundance Mentality Change the way you think to change the world.

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One of our readers, friends, and someone who has joined us on The Road To Abundance, Dr. Ardith Baker, has written an amazing Bible study based on The Abundance Mentality! It is broken down chapter by chapter, and will guide you to a Biblical view of true Abundance! We would love to give it to you! You will receive the Teacher and Student versions, so that you can lead your small group as well!