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Experience Deeper Relationships and More Abundant Living!

In this short allegory, you will discover the Road To Abundance, and learn amazing life and relationship lessons from George as he mentors Bruce through the hardest season of his life.  It is an easy read that you will find yourself reading often.



What is your definition of Abundance?  Does it spark bad feelings in you?  Does it make you think of the “prosperity gospel”?  The truth is, the gospel speaks, and offers, true Abundance!  We just have to redefine the word Abundance…and that’s exactly what The Abundance Mentality does!

In this easy to read allegory, you will journey with our main character Bruce as he is mentored by George through the toughest season of his life.  You see…Bruce had it all, and was striving for more.  And that’s when everything fell apart.  He lost his home.  His marriage fell apart.  Everything was going wrong.

Sean Kouplen and Mick Schovanec teach us that changing our beliefs and how we approach relationships will create abundance in our lives. Experience The Abundance Mentality and change your life today!

4 reviews for The Book | The Abundance Mentality

  1. Curtis

    Thanks for the book. Read it early Christmas morning. It was very refreshing and recalled to remembrance a culture I learned implicitly from the life of a dear friend and community pillar.

    The mentality is quite counter-cultural, as our western capitalistic mind set is steeped in the philosophies of economics and scarcity where the fundamentals of price equals supply and demand at each individuals self stated utility — what’s in it for me.

    All philosophies whether social or monetary tend to be somewhat antichrist-ish, empowered by fear and self centeredness. The abundance mentality is exactly opposite, combating fear of a lack and promoting selfless love.

    Thank you, it’s always good to be reminded of the one true reality.

  2. Kathy

    We took a family vacation over New Year’s and I read your book on the flight to Denver. I then passed it around to my family. We discussed how important those core values are and I was so pleased that my kids were inspired.

    A day later, I checked my 18-year old son’s twitter account to find the post below. You can imagine how proud I was to see his words. Your book changed his life. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

    Post: If you haven’t already, I suggest you read a book called “The Abundance Mentality”. It has changed my point of view and soon, my life.

  3. Amazon Customer

    I received this book as a gift, and at first glance (literally judging a book by its cover) I thought this was yet another “Prosperity Gospel” play. I was very pleased to learn that it is NOT.

    Instead, what I found was a concise and easy to read – yet compelling story of building relationships through selflessness. It’s presented in an interesting parable which helped me to reflect on my own relationships and how I interact with others at work, out in the world, and at home with my family. More people should read and adopt these principles.

  4. Betty Bond

    Wonderful book! Thank you! The Bible teaches us to esteem the needs of others above our own. How unfortunate we have difficulty living it out. This book will help us! I already know who’s getting the next copy!

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