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Mick Schovanec - Author

Mick Schovanec.

Author | Speaker | Entrepreneur | Coach

“Today is the day!”  Mick specializes in helping individuals and teams grow and reach their goals by empowering them to understand true abundance in every relationship including marriage, parenting, and business.  Mick speaks on the power of building meaningful relationships, the art of asking questions, and how to overflow instead of pouring out.


Mick has had a lifetime of learning the true definition of Abundance, discovering how to live it out in his life and the lives of those around him.  Watch him tell a little bit of his story, and then read more below! Finally, use the form on this page to bring Mick out to speak, teach, or coach you and/or your team on what it means to have The Abundance Mentality!

Mick’s Story.

Through training, experience, coaching, and mistakes…Mick has become an expert in helping people build life-long, intentional, and impactful relationships in life and business.  Mick’s greatest experience in Abundance is at home with his beautiful bride Lisa and their kids, Logan and Sydnee.  He has had the honor to spend every day for the last 22+ years falling deeper in love with her and learning to abide in Christ and lead his family!

Mick learned his work ethic, and how important strong relationships are, growing up on his families farm/ranch in northwest Oklahoma.  He learned how valuable and satisfying a hard days work is…and more importantly, he discovered the power and community of people who need each other to survive and grow.

After graduating with a business degree, Mick dove head first in to the business world, where he helped launch a mortgage company, thriving in the industry for over a decade.  That’s when he got hungry to start his own adventures in business.  Mick has founded, invested in, and run several companies from the ground up, including an e-commerce business, a 20 acre paintball facility that has operated for over 35 years, becoming an author, speaker, and coach.

Everything Mick writes, speaks, and teaches comes for a wellspring that overflows.  He doesn’t speak in theory, he speaks out of experience, and he invites you in to his life every time he communicates.  His biggest concern in everything he does is adding value to whoever he is sitting with, speaking to, teaching, or coaching.

When you bring Mick in, get ready!  He is going to help you find the FREEDOM that he has found in living out Abundance, and empower you to change the way you think to change the world around you!

Let us know when and how you would like to connect with Mick below!

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