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As we have discovered what it means to live in and live out the Abundance of Christ…we recognized something in ourselves…and in the lives of those around us.  We were trying to grow by getting more.  More money.  More applause.  More (what is it for you?).  As we (Sean Kouplen and Mick Schovanec) became friends, and dove in to building deeper relationships, and we discovered something changing.   The Abundance Mentality is all about giving!  It’s about adding value.  It’s helping other people grow.  And as we have lived that out, something amazing started to happen.  We began seeing the fruit from investing in other people.  Our business relationships grew deeper.  Our marriages started to thrive.  Our kids started wanting to spend more time with us…learning from us.  Our friendships became more meaningful.  That’s why we call it The Road To Abundance!  It’s a lifelong journey, and we end up in Abundant, life filled city of God.  We want to ask you to join us in discovering how to live like citizens of His city now!


In Marriage.

We began intentionally looking for ways to add value to our beautiful brides. We have studied their hearts and learned their love languages, pouring out whenever we saw an opportunity…whether or not it seemed like would give us anything in return.  Not only have our relationships with our wives grown deeper and more intimate…we are close with our kids!  It has added more value than we ever could have imagined!

In Business.

We focused daily on how we could add value to our customers, vendors, and employees.  Our relationship with our customers has grown deeper, and they are becoming life-long, evangelistic customers!  Our relationship with our vendors is amazing!  And our employees LOVE working in an environment where they feel secure and are poured in to every day!  When you try to help others reach their goals, the unexpected side effect is personal growth!

In Life.

We want to be around people that we want to become like.  As we have intentionally cultivated The Abundance Mentality in our lives, people have become attracted to what God is doing in us, and we are having the opportunity to mentor and coach leaders in our communities, churches, and in our circle of friends.  We have had so many opportunities to live out Abundance, and God is using us in ways we never imagined possible!

The Men Behind The Movement.

Mick Schovanec
Mick SchovanecAuthor | Speaker | Coach
Mick is a master relationship builder and speaker on the art of listening. He can help your team grow!
Abundant Relationships 94%
Coaching 89%
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Sean Kouplen
Sean KouplenAuthor | Speaker | CEO
Sean is an expert at cultivating long lasting relationships in business and life, using Abundance principles.
Abundant Business 96%
Training 85%
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The Abundance Mentality Change the way you think to change the world.

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