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The Abundance Mentality has been impacting people’s lives more than we ever could have imagined or hoped!  After the book was released, we began to receive email after email, and meet people at events, and they told us their stories about The Abundance Mentality…and we knew we had to do more.  This abundance way of thinking is counter cultural, and as followers of Jesus, we believe it can change the world as more and more people start living it out.  What started as a book quickly became a movement of men and women living out the principles of The Abundance Mentality!  The movement is simple:  Read the book, Travel the Road To Abundance, and Tell Your Story…and at all times, Live, Learn, and Lead others to Abundance!  We can’t wait to see what God will do with The Abundance Mentality!

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Stephen Frank

Stephen is a Financial Advisor in the Tulsa area.  He has been learning, living, and leading with an abundance mentality for a long time.  Listen to what he has to say about the book, the mentality, and his relationship with Sean.

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